Descarga gratis la DEMO de Colin McRae DIRT

DiRT PC Demo



System Requirements


TCP/IP mode (2-100 players) Requirements

Broadband internet connection required – 512kbps + Recommended

TCP/IP Network


Minimum Specifications


– Windows XP

– DirectX 9.0c

– Pentium 4 @ 3.0GHz or Athlon 64 3000+

– 1GB RAM.

– Graphics Card: GeForce 6800 / Radeon X1300 or above

– DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Recommended Specifications


– Windows XP/Vista.

– DirectX 9.0c

– Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66Ghz or Athlon X2 3800+

– 2GB RAM.

– Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 or Radeon X1950

– Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card.


Supported Graphics Cards


– ATi Radeon x1300, x1600, x1800, x1900, x1950

– nVidia Geforce 6800, 7100, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950, 8800

Not compatible with all integrated sound/graphics solutions (inc.Laptops)


Known issues:


Users with Windows Vista and ATi Radeon x1950/1900 graphics cards may find that bonnets do not get drawn on 2 of the demo cars.

Alt-TAB, Alt-ENTER etc minimise the game but the game will not recover.

On certain graphics cards they may be some graphical corruption e.g. flickering textures/shadows.

There may be some slowdown on certain graphics cards.


Supported Controllers


DiRT™ can be configured to use almost any PC controller, however we recommend the following controllers for the best game play experience:

– Logitech G25

– Logitech MOMO

– Logitech Driving Force Pro

– Microsoft X360 controller

Descarga gratis la DEMO de Colin McRae DIRT

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