Nuevo eXeem 0.22 !!!!

Como decimos se han corregido gran cantidad de bugs, aqui tienes el Changelog:

Files from 200+ can now be downloaded.
Progress bar moves from 1 to 100.
Requests nodes when searching.
Comment window does no longer grow.
Sometimes it takes search more than 30 minutes to finish.
Other small fixes.
Auto update.
Minimum upload is now 5 kB/s.
Refresh changed from 1 minute to 10.
A different window will be displayed when stop seeding is displayed.
Download and upload rate will always be kB/s.
Nodes from nodes.
Support for different languages.
Search dispays how many sagments it has searched already.
Restore defaults button added.
Enabling/disabling event log.
Right click – Remove file from computer.
Added Home button for internal browser.

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