Descarga gratis Kaspersky Antivirus 2006 Beta!!

Sus nuevas caracteristicas:

. Advanced damage clean-up (against Spyware)
· Check new and changed files option
· HTTP, IMAP and NNTP traffic check
· ODS Scan suspend technology (when user-activity is detected)
· Startup Scan with updateable database
· Differential update (further reduction of the AV database update size)
· Script-Checker with Internet Explorer GUI plug-in
· New scan scope: Scan Critical Areas task
· Scan Startup Objects – full control of the task execution
· TheBat! plugin
· Ban-list of blocked computers by IDS subsystem (with un-block feature)

Nuevas Tecnologias

· Proactive Defense module with history and roll-back option
· Anti-Rootkit technology
· Registry monitor with preinstalled database
· Tracking of an application’s component structure; runtime module intrusion detection
· E-Mail event notification option
· Enhanced notification settings
· GUI Skin technology

Bugs :

· Context sensitive help has not yet been completely implemented.
· Some subsystems may work incorrectly under Windows 9x.
· White list in Proactive defence module is not completed yet so it is possible that alerts will appear during work of non-malicious applications.
· Certain bugs regarding the Windows Server 2003 are reported.
· Self-protection module has been implemented with certain limitations.
· Licensing policy has been partially implemented.
· Incorrect work on Windows NT4 when logon under the user, entering only in USERS group.
· It is impossible to add new license key under Windows 9x.
· Incorrect registration of external plugins after first run of the product under Windows9x is reported, the problem can be fixed by OS reboot.
· Technology of incremental updates (differences) can fail in certain conditions.
· If any account have been set for a scan task (Run as) then some scan objects can be missed during scanning.
· Update through proxy server which requires plain autorization works properly only during manual update.
· Unstable work with Norton System Works: Norton Utilities 2005 at the same time.
· Links at main window and Support page does not work under Windows9x.
· Updates from the network shared folder does not work under Windows NT4

Descarga gratis Kaspersky Antivirus Beta