Descarga gratis Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 2 Pre

.. la lista de cambios y bugs solucionados son los siguientes:

1. #326143 [Core:SVG]-Implement feFlood and feTurbulence filter elements [All]
2. #347155 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Crash due to too much recursion [@ js_FoldConstants] with deeply nested e4x literal [All]
3. #365742 [Core:XP Toolkit/Widgets: Trees]-crash [@ nsTreeBodyFrame:: PaintImage] while resizing a tree column with icons [Win]
4. #366056 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Autocomplete selectionStart/selectionEnd cannot be changed [Mac]
5. #366174 [Firefox: Places]-Open in Tabs context menu item is enabled for empty folders [All]
6. #366292 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-__defineSetter__(«x», …) changes xs value to the string «__lookupSetter__» [All]
7. #366312 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Yahoo Mail: Send does not work [Win]

Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:
1. #243370 [Core:Layout: Misc Code]-deCOMtaminate parts of nsIFrame that come from nsIBox [Lin]
2. #266839 [Firefox:Migration]-Opera pref. migration code treats UTF-8 as ASCII [All]
3. #333078 [Core:XPCOM]-XPCOM Cycle Collector [All] (bandaid for bug Bug 366127/Bug 366063)

Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:
1. #324819 [Core:Layout]-Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling (regression from bug 317375) [Win]
2. #332965 [Firefox: Places]-Show dialog when adding new Live Bookmark [Win]
3. #345950 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Provide a browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth [Win]
4. #347754 [Firefox:Toolbars]-make the go button optional in the default theme [All]
5. #354440 [Firefox:Bookmarks]-[trunk] «Open All in Tabs» in bookmarks menu folder moves to the drop target place [Win]
6. #359769 [Core:Layout]-[reflow branch] huge white space on the page [All]
7. #363934 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-keyboard tab bar naviagtion broken [Win]
8. #365983 [Core:General]-after cycle collector has landed Leak Monitor alerts about leaks in Gmail [All] (leak gauge/leak monitor are broken)
9. #352420 [Firefox:General]-Vista Support Tracking Bug [Vista]
10. Memory leaks: list of known issues/David Barons issues
11. THEBES (Cairo): list of open bugs
12. PLACES: list of open bugs

Descarga gratis Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 2 Pre

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