Descarga gratis emule Morphxt 8.12!!

La lista de cambios es la siguiente:

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.12
FIXED : (minor) WC: fix the temporary wrong download session count (very old bug) [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) USC: Ajusted to respect clientdatarate limit in all the cases [SiRoB]

ADDED : Reactivate Webcache Proxy on succefull manual test [SiRoB]
ADDED : DBR: Extended it to use aproximative remaining data from the source vs global remaining data [SiRoB]
ADDED : Adapted number of requested block (less for slowest sources) [SiRoB]
ADDED : GUI: Started But Incomplete chunk visualisation from zz mod
ADDED : KAD: Official patch by Unknown1 [SiRoB]
ADDED : Send Array Packet (feature that may reduce upload perturbation) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Dynamic Socket BUffering (feature to reduce effect of high latency uploading client) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Only one upload connecting client at a time when scheduled slot are available [SiRoB]
ADDED : WC: drop WCBlock with proxyip filtered by ipfilter [SiRoB]
ADDED : GUI: Official fix Statistics dialog too small (2x) by bluesonicboy [leuk_he]
ADDED : DBR: Enhance number of requested block [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Moved community tag visualisation from Morph to MorphShare Preferences [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated Fix connection collision [SiRoB]
CHANGED: GUI: Draw chunk dot on top [SiRoB]
CHANGED: FlushThread: Updated it to work arround Completing start before all buffered data was freed [SiRoB]
CHANGED: FlushThread: Crash Fix when we canceled a file and Flush thread runing [SiRoB]

REMOVED: WC: removed submit link from wcprefs since it is abandoned [leuk_he]
REMOVED: netfinity: Raised threshold as anything below 3kB/s suggest there is a problem [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: ICS: merged into partstatus making less resource and cpu consumption [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Reduce Uploading Slot [SiRoB]

Advertiros, tal y como se ha comentado en el foro ya, que uno de sus desarrolladores más activos Sirob abandona el equipo de desarrollo, debido a las nuevas leyes francesas que prohíben toda producción o edición de software que permina la subida o descarga de material con derechos de autor.

Descarga gratis emule Morphxt 8.12

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